Uncomplicated and Affordable Electricity Plans For Texans

Straightforward Fair Transparent Simple Priced Energy Plans

Join our energy revolution. Say farewell to mind-boggling contracts and hello to the Texas electricity company with fair prices, simple plans, and transparent communication. Take control of your electricity. Enter your zip to get started.

Ever wonder what actually happens when you flip a switch?

The electricity that powers your life comes from somewhere but questioning it can feel like staring into the abyss. When you ask your power company about brownouts, blackouts, or even what really happened during winter storm Uri and the massive outages of 2021, you may not get the answers you want.

Let’s flip the switch on these questions because we believe choosing the right energy provider should be a conscious, informed decision.

We are here to help you do right by Texas, your family, your wallet, the community, and the environment with your energy decisions.

Obsessed with Transparency

The Texas energy provider committed to offering honest electricity at competitive rates. We aim for stable, fair margins and sharing the surplus with our customers. How’s that for a good deal?

Meticulously Simple

We put in a lot of work to keep electricity simple for Texans. Whether the energy world changes or your world does, we’ll always let you know if there’s a better plan for your needs.

Energy Made Fair

We believe in our core that energy is a source for good, and that we are here to do good and do it right. We’re making energy fair for you, for us, and for all of Texas.

Putting Our Customers First, Always

When you become a BKV Energy customer, you can always rely on us to place your interests first. We know you’ve heard this before, but our number one goal is to elevate the customer experience year in and year out.

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What We Deliver,
Aside From Electricity


Sometimes less is more. Less fine print, less gimmicks. What you see is what you get.


Our Electricity Facts Labels are simple and super transparent. No vague terms here.

No Surprises

With our simple fixed-rate plans, you’re locked into the same price per kWh for the duration of your contract. No matter what.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Try us for 30 days, no strings attached. If you cancel within 30 days, we will not assess an early cancellation fee.

Ready. Set. Enjoy.



Enter your zip code, input a little bit of information about your home energy consumption, and select your base plan.



Select your home size or average usage, choose the optional plan benefits that matter to you, and select your contract length to get your personalized estimated monthly bill.



Now it’s time to sign up! Enter your address and account information, go through a quick credit check, and select your convenience features like paperless billing. That’s it!



Congratulations, you’ve just set up your new power plan! In many cases, power can be switched same-day, and for most others, as little as three days. We look forward to providing power to your family.


How do I enroll?

Enrolling is easy. Just select your average monthly usage to select your plan, customize it to your needs with optional add-ons like averaged billing, and sign-up. We’ll let you know the next steps and how soon we can turn power on or switch power over at your address. In most cases, we can switch you over same day.

How do I choose a plan?

Every plan is as unique as you. Just choose the appropriate home or apartment size, customize for your energy needs, select any additional options, and that’s it.

How long until my power is turned on?

In most homes or apartments with existing service from another provider, we can switch you over the same day. If you’re moving to a new home or apartment, our team will work with you to get you set up and running in as little as three days.

What areas and states do you serve?

We currently serve customers in the deregulated ERCOT region, which covers over 90% of Texas residents. Our service powers homes in nearly every metro in Texas including: Houston, Dallas, Fort-Worth, Plano, Tyler, Waco, south Texas, the Gulf, and west Texas including Midland. You can use your zip code on the homepage to see if you are in our service area.

Why does sustainable energy matter?

In our 100% renewable energy plans, we source and provide sustainable energy for the future—yours, ours, everyone’s. If we don’t make a change in how the world procures energy today, it’ll be that much harder tomorrow. Sustainable energy not only makes a positive impact in the world, but it will save you and us money in the long term.