Exclusive discount for first responders, active military and veterans

5% First Responder and Veteran Discount

BKV Energy is proud to give back to active military, veterans, police, firefighters, and medical first responders. Get 5% off your energy charge every month with proof of service when you sign up.

A THank You to Our Texas Heroes

5% Off Energy Charge

Enjoy 5% savings on your energy charge every single month with proof of service. Plus, these other benefits.

No Base Charges

No monthly base fees added to your bill – only pay for the electricity you consume.

No Usage Requirements

Unlike some providers, we don’t charge extra if you use the “wrong” amount of electricity.

Simple Fixed Rate

You’re locked into the same price per kWh for the duration of your contract. No matter what.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you cancel within 30 days, we will not assess an early termination fee.

The reviews are in

Our customers appreciate our fair prices, ultra-transparency, and uncomplicated plans.

I’m so relieved to find an electricity company with reasonable rates!
Thank you!


Google Review

Before I found this company my electric bill was over $400 monthly.
After they assisted me with finding a better rate per kilowatt, my light bill went down to $100 and something per month. Thanks for your assistance!!!


Google Review

A fair price was offered and just as importantly to me was that they do not have a severe increase in price if you are able to use less energy during a month. I think most providers do this, and it just shameful.


Google Review

I have had outstanding personalized customer service from this company at a time when I am moving and there is typically a lot of need for comfort and reliability. So far, this company has been seamless and very available for communication and clarity. I am grateful for their way of doing business.


Google Review

How to sign up

BKV Energy is your one-stop shop for simple, fixed rate electricity plans. We strive to always put our customers first through transparency in our communication, affordability, and the quality of our services.

Find Plans


Enter your zip code to start shopping plans in your neighborhood.



Select your desired term length and renewable energy percentage. Then, choose the plan that best fits your needs!



Now it’s time to sign up! Enter your address and account information, go through a quick credit check or pay a deposit, and select your convenience features like e-billing.



Congratulations! You’ve just set up your new power plan. We look forward to providing electricity to your home.