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What Is the Average Monthly Electric Bill in Texas?

Average Texas Electricity Bill The average residential monthly electric bill in Texas is $157.26. This is calculated by multiplying the average kWh usage of 1,094 by the average price per kWh of $0.1439. It’s important to note that electricity bills can vary significantly throughout the year due to changes in…


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BKV Energy is on the way to Lubbock, Texas!

$50 Sign Up Bonus Please provide your information below and we’ll keep you updated about all things energy deregulation, let you know when to begin shopping, and you can claim your $50 sign up bonus. Energy Plans Coming Soon! BKV Energy is excited for the opportunity to offer power-packed electricity…

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Top 11 Reasons to Move to Dallas, Texas

Why Move to Dallas, Texas? Dallas, with its modern skyscrapers juxtaposed against historical landmarks, promises both opportunities and adventures. From economic growth to rich cultural experiences, let’s explore why relocating to Dallas, Texas is always a good idea.  1. Economic Opportunities Dallas isn’t just another city in Texas; it’s a…


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Electricity Bills Higher Than You Expected?

Are Electricity Bills Increasing? Are electricity bills getting higher? The short answer: yes, it’s possible. If you’ve recently experienced some sticker shock when receiving your most recent electricity bill, you may not be alone. In the last month in particular, a change was made to all Texas electricity bills across…

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How Do Rolling Blackouts Work?

Rolling blackouts, also referred to as load shedding or rotating outages, are deliberate and carefully planned interruptions in electrical power supply. These outages are implemented as a strategy to conserve power when the demand for electricity exceeds the available supply. These planned blackouts affect specific regions or even entire communities…


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