Can my choice really help change the energy industry…for the better?

Your energy choice matters

When you choose BKV Energy, you’re choosing a more reliable, more sustainable future for your family, your community and the rest of Texas.

Our Mission

It’s simple, we empower you.
Through obsessive transparency. 
Through meticulous simplicity. 
Through a commitment to fairness.
By putting energy back into the grid.

Who is BKV Energy and why haven’t I heard of them before?

We believe energy is a source for good. We are here to do good and do it right.

BKV was created when a group of innovators realized they had a better way to produce energy and empower Texans. BKV has invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours to put energy back into the grid through cleaner-burning natural gas from our winterized power plant. For more than seven years, BKV has been producing reliable, sustainable natural gas used to provide energy for millions of homes. Since 2021, BKV has been producing power through its high efficiency, low emissions power plant in Temple.

Now, as both a producer and provider of electricity, BKV wants to put that power directly in the hands of the people. We want to build on our foundation of using energy as a source for good and make the Texas energy industry better than when we found it. If it was easy to cut down on carbon emissions and make cleaner energy with the same reliability our communities depend on, someone would have done it already.

We are not here to do what is easy. We are here to do what is right.

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Social Responsibility

Taking care of our planet is a responsibility we all share. As part of an industry that plays a significant role in transitioning the future of energy, we are earnestly committed to advancing the production of sustainable energy and being a force for good in our society.

We believe the production of low-impact, sustainable energy is not just a good idea, it is good business.

Community Involvement

We are driven to be a force for good in society and we are dedicated to having honest relationships with our customers. We actively invest in and support the communities where we operate and where our employees call home. By proactively engaging with local community stakeholders, we can better understand their needs and concerns.

Our Mission and Values

Energy is a source for good, and we are here do good and do it right. We work tirelessly to make energy fair for our most important stakeholders: you.
Our Values:

Environmental Stewardship

At BKV, we believe in taking concrete and transparent actions for the future of sustainability—now. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, protecting wildlife, conserving and reusing water, and reducing emissions to address climate change head-on. This is why we have formally adopted a net-zero carbon emissions goal—one of the most ambitious in the industry.

Natural Gas, a Partner with Renewables for Sustainability

The demand for energy continues to grow, here and in developing nations around the world. So, what can we do? Bringing in renewable energy is one part of the answer, but we can’t wait 10, 15 or 20 years for renewables to catch up to demand. We need something now. That is where natural gas comes in.

Natural gas is how we at BKV have found a way to bridge the gap between producing reliable energy for today and fueling a better future for tomorrow. In natural gas, we have found a way to produce reliable energy cleaner than other traditional energy sources, while ensuring sustainability to meet energy demands right now.

We even took it one step further. Through innovative processes, we have been able to reduce our environmental impact on our journey to net-zero carbon emissions from our own natural gas energy production.