THE TExas Electricity company trying to change the industry for the better

About BKV Energy

Your energy choice matters. Picking BKV Energy means choosing a more reliable, more affordable electricity provider for your family, your community and the rest of Texas.

What Sets BKV Energy Apart?

  • No monthly base charges.
  • No usage requirement fees.
  • No cancellation fee in the first 30 days.
  • No gimmicky plans – just simple, affordable fixed rates.
  • Work with our customers to reduce spending and energy consumption.

Dedicated to Transparency & Simplicity

From our pricing to our blogs to our EFLs to our marketing, we strive to be as transparent as possible with our Texas customers. Our number one goal is not to acquire as many customers as possible, but to educate and empower Texans to make right choice when it comes to energy.

Depending on your unique electricity consumption and behavior, that may not be with us, but we do aim to create and offer energy products that can do right by the most people. We believe energy is a source for good. We are here to do good and do it right.

saving energy in the kitchen

Offering Flexibility, Affordability & Savings

Our affordable fixed rate plans help customers in Texas save money on electricity in several ways.

  1. We don’t include unnecessary fees like other players in the market. No minimum usage requirements or monthly base charges.
  2. We only offer simple fixed rates. Other providers offer time-of-use plans like free nights and free weekends, but those are gimmicky marketing ploys designed to draw you in and increase profits.
  3. Fixed rate plans lock your rate for the duration of your contract – unlike a variable rate. Your price per kWh stays the same no matter the market conditions. This makes it easier for our customers to budget for their energy consumption.
  4. We’ve done the math – simply by choosing BKV Energy for your residential electricity needs, you can save up to $300 per year.
  5. If you decide you’re unhappy with our services in the first 30 days, no hard feelings. We will not assess an early termination fee in the first 30 days.