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Affordable electricity without the gimmicky marketing scams

No extra fees means lower bills

Perfect for apartment owners and renters looking to save on electricity. Choose the Bluebonnet plan to enjoy more straightforward electricity with no unnecessary base charges or usage fees, plus earn power-packed benefits through our Premier+ program.

$0 Base Charge

No monthly base fees added to your bill – only pay for the electricity you consume.

No Usage Fee

We don’t charge extra for using “too little” electricity during a billing period.

Low Fixed Rate

Your energy charge is fixed for the duration of your contract. No matter what.

30-Day Power Pilot

Try us for 30 days, no strings attached. If you cancel within 30 days, we will not assess an early termination fee.

ElectroShare Rewards

At the end of each year, we reward our customers with a percent of our profits. The longer you’ve been a customer, the larger your share. Stick with us for multiple leases!

Blend & Extend

When kWh rates drop, our system automatically notifies us when you can switch to a different plan with a reduced price.

Save Now, Pay Later

If finances are tight this month, we’ve got your back. You can skip a bill and you can pay for it over the next six months instead.

Contract Consultation

Personalized plan renewal services to help you find the best possible rate whether you’re moving or staying in the same place.

The reviews are in

Our customers appreciate our fair prices, ultra-transparency, and uncomplicated plans.

I’m so relieved to find an electricity company with reasonable rates!
Thank you!


Google Review

Before I found this company my electric bill was over $400 monthly.
After they assisted me with finding a better rate per kilowatt, my light bill went down to $100 and something per month. Thanks for your assistance!!!


Google Review

A fair price was offered and just as importantly to me was that they do not have a severe increase in price if you are able to use less energy during a month. I think most providers do this, and it just shameful.


Google Review

I have had outstanding personalized customer service from this company at a time when I am moving and there is typically a lot of need for comfort and reliability. So far, this company has been seamless and very available for communication and clarity. I am grateful for their way of doing business.


Google Review



A super low price per kWh, plus all of our Premier+ benefits rolled into one powerful electricity plan – designed to help you save on energy.

  • Simple Fixed Rate
  • No Gimmicks
  • Uncomplicated Contract Terms
  • Affordable kWh Price
  • No Base Charges
  • Blend & Extend
  • Save Now, Pay Later
  • ElectroShare
  • Spark Alerts
  • End of Contract Consultation

How to Sign Up

BKV Energy is your one-stop shop for simple, fixed rate electricity plans for apartments and renters. We always put our customers first through transparency in our communication, affordability, and the quality of our services.

Find Plans


Enter your zip code to start shopping plans in your neighborhood.



Select your desired term length and renewable energy percentage. Then, choose the plan that best fits your needs!



Now it’s time to sign up! Enter your address and account information, go through a quick credit check or pay a deposit, and select your convenience features like e-billing.



Congratulations! You’ve just set up your new power plan. We look forward to providing electricity to your home.

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Experience the Convenience of BKV Energy

Energy Plans Designed for the Needs of Renters

Build the Bluebonnet plan to fit the needs of your rental or lease:

  • Sign up for autopay so you never miss a bill
  • Select paperless billing to help us save trees and to receive notifications right in your inbox
  • Chat with customer support how you want to: email, phone call, texting, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or web chat
  • Want to go green? Choose between 29% and 100% renewable energy
  • Receive Spark Alerts, our severe weather warnings and energy saving tips designed to help you save big
  • Choose the term length that fits the length of your lease (12, 24, or 36 months)

Switching to BKV Energy is simple

Apartment Renters Can Take Advantage of Texas’ Competitive Energy Market

We’ll ensure a seamless transition from your previous provider to BKV Energy’s Bluebonnet plan. Here’s everything you need:

  • Enter your zip code to find prices, select a plan, and submit your enrollment online OR give us a call and work with a customer support agent
  • Choose a date to start service and match it up to your apartment move-in date
  • We handle the rest! After your power is switched to BKV Energy there’s only a couple more items to make your experience as enjoyable as possible
  • Don’t forget to register your customer portal account, select e-billing, and setup autopay so you never miss a bill
  • Follow us on social media to receive useful electricity saving and bill reduction tips, as well as interesting energy industry insights
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Ready to Get Started?

Switching from your old provider is incredibly simple. We handle the switch for you.