Payment Assistance Programs

We all need a helping hand sometimes. Payment assistance may be available to qualified customers who have experienced an emergency or temporary hardship impacting their financial status. If you or someone you know needs some assistance, contact the Texas Information and Referral Network by calling 2-1-1 or visiting

Texas Electricity Bill Payment Assistance Programs

Qualifying for Payment Assistance Programs

Assistance programs on the Texas Information and Referral Network are administered by local agencies and may have their own applicable eligibility rules. Customers should consult with the local agency of their choice on what eligibility requirements, if any, they have. Note that it may take up to two billing cycles to activate these benefits. 

Additional Assistance

For customers who have experienced a short-term cash-flow issue and need help with late payments or disconnects, consider our late payment waivers or payment extensions program. Under the program, at our discretion, we may waive late payment fees,  provide payment extensions, or deferred payment plans for qualified participants.