Outage information

Oncor Electric Delivery

DFW, North and West Texas


Text Out to 66267
to report an outage

Texas-New Mexico
Power Company

Lewisville and North Texas

CenterPoint Energy

Houston and surrounding areas

AEP Texas

Abilene and West Texas; Corpus Christi,
Rio Grande Valley and South Texas

Lubbock Power & Light


From a cut ground wire affecting a single customer, to major power grid issues affecting millions, we know outages are frustrating and potentially dangerous. We can ensure you we’re doing everything we can to keep uninterrupted power flowing from our plant to the grid.

Regional TDUs (Transmission and Distribution Utilities) own and are responsible for maintaining the electrical wiring across the Texas power grid. Your local TDU will have the latest updates on the status of an outage and are the best source of information for timelines. The below information will help you find the best way to contact your TDU.

Disclaimer: BKV Energy is a retail electricity provider certified by the Texas Public Utilities Commission to supply retail electricity to consumers. BKV Energy is not a TDU and is not affiliated with any TDUs. In the event of an outage or emergency such as a downed power line, please contact your TDU to report the situation.

Information about TDU Load Shedding
Your TDU also maintains procedures for involuntary load shedding, which is rare, but can but occur in the event of a power emergency. More information by TDU can be found below:

Oncor Electric Delivery
Texas-New Mexico Power Company
CenterPoint Energy
AEP Texas

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