The more energy you save, the more money you earn

At the end of each year, we reward each of our customers with a percentage of our operating margin.

That’s not all – the longer you’re a customer, the bigger the slice of the pie you receive. That’s cash back in your wallet.

BKV Energy

How ElectroShare works

Save Energy

The more energy our customers save, the higher our operating margin. That’s the pool we pull from to deliver our annual rewards.

Stick Around

The longer you’re a BKV Energy customer, the larger the percentage of our profits you receive.

Get Rewarded

Enjoy your slice of the ElectroShare Rewards pie each year and spend it however you like.

What is Operating margin?

Sharing our profits with our customers

Your rewards are pulled directly from BKV Energy’s operating margin – that’s the amount of profit we earn on our sales after covering costs.

When our customers reduce their energy consumption, we don’t have to purchase as much energy from Texas power plants. That increases our margins AND your rewards.

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Earn more the longer you’re a customer

If you stick around with BKV Energy, the percentage of our operating margin you receive each year increases. It’s a winning relationship for everyone involved.

Unlimited Refer a Friend Rewards

Earn $50 off your electricity bill for each friend you refer to BKV Energy.

ElectroShare FAQs

How are rewards delivered?

Currently, customers receive ElectroShare Rewards as credit back on their bill. We are working on expanding our payout options to PayPal and more.

What is operating margin?

Operating margin measures how much profit a company makes after paying for variable costs associated with the production of their services, but before paying for interest or taxes. Operating margin is calculated by dividing operating income by net sales.

How much can you expect to earn each year?

Because ElectroShare Rewards are tied to our operating margin, the amount you can expect to receive each year varies. What we can guarantee, is that when customers reduce their energy consumption, our operating margin increases. The less you consume, the larger our operating margin grows.

Who is eligible to receive ElectroShare Rewards?

Bluebonnet customers and Premier+ subscribers are eligible to receive ElectroShare Rewards.

What are ElectroShare Rewards?

ElectroShare Rewards is our annual payout to our customers. At the end of the year, we give a percentage of our operating margin back. The longer you’re a customer, the larger the reward.

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I looked at virtually every electric company

and BKV Energy rates were lower. This is the type of company I want to do business with.

Mark K.


Informative website, seamless sign-up,

and excellent customer service. I’m thrilled we locked in such a low rate for an extended period of time. Looking forward to saving extra money this summer.

Erin F.


Great customer service and look forward

to being a long term customer. I saved over $200 per month by transferring from Reliant.

Brandt J.

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