BLEND & Extend

Always searching to lower your kWh rate

Our Blend & Extend system searches through our affordable electricity plans to find you an even cheaper rate. If we find one, we give you the opportunity to switch to the new lower rate plan for even longer to maximize your energy savings.

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How Blend & Extend works

We Find Lower Rates

Our system automatically searches our available electricity plans to find you a lower price per kWh.

Blend the Prices

If we find a cheaper option, our customer support team contacts you and gives the opportunity to switch to a lower rate.

Extend the Contract

Finally, we extend your current contract at the lower price to lock in that cheaper rate for even longer.


Always looking to help you save more money

Electricity prices are always changing due to fluctuations in market conditions. Our system analyzes these price updates and compares to your current contract to find opportunities to help you save.


Reap the benefits of a lower rate for longer

The Blend & Extend program allows you to take advantage of our affordable simple fixed rates for longer, helping to extend your savings even further.

Unlimited Refer a Friend Rewards

Earn $50 off your electricity bill for each friend you refer to BKV Energy.

Blend & Extend FAQs

How often can Blend & Extend be applied?

You may Blend & Extend once per 12 month period.

How do you utilize Blend & Extend?

Our customer support team will reach out when the opportunity for a Blend & Extend contract upgrade arises. There’s no need to lift a finger, we’ll get in touch with you.

Who is eligible for Blend & Extend?

Bluebonnet plan and Premier+ subscribers are eligible for Blend & Extend.

What is Blend & Extend?

Blend & Extend is a program offered to our Bluebonnet plan customers and customers that subscribe to Premier+ benefits. This program gives customers the opportunity to upgrade their contract to a lower kWh rate when market conditions allow. Our system automatically searches for opportunities to find customers a better rate and our customer support team will reach out when the time arises. If we find a way to lower your price per kWh, you replace your contract with a new one.

Trusted by thousands of Texans

Our customers appreciate our fair prices, ultra-transparency, and uncomplicated plans.


I have had outstanding personalized customer service

from this company at a time when I am moving and there is typically a lot of need for comfort and reliability. I am grateful for their way of doing business.

Michelle M.


With BKV Energy you know exactly what you will get

They are very fair and honest with their pricing. Most providers have tricky price structures that make it hard to know what your bill will be. But with BKV Energy you know exactly what you will get. Highly recommend!

Nigel T.


Great service.

They went above and beyond to help with my sign up and their rates are transparent.

Brandt K.

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