Spark Alerts

Energy saving tips right when you need them

Spark Alerts are regular weather alerts and timely energy saving tips to help reduce your electricity bill. Receive updates straight to your phone and your email inbox so you never miss the opportunity to save.

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How Spark Alerts work

Weather Alerts

Get notified of extreme temperatures during the summer and winter that may impact your energy consumption.

Energy Saving Tips

Receive specific and relevant energy saving tips directly to your phone and email inbox.

Lower Energy Bills

Take action according to the updates and you can experience lower electricity bills each month.

Extreme weather

We send updates about severe weather

When summer temperatures soar or when winter temperatures plummet, we give you a warning so you can prepare for what’s to come. Don’t worry – we won’t spam you with too many notifications.

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REduce Energy Usage

Energy saving advice at your fingertips

Along with each weather update, we provide relevant energy conservation tips to help you reduce your electricity consumption during those sweltering or freezing days.

Unlimited Refer a Friend Rewards

Earn $50 off your electricity bill for each friend you refer to BKV Energy.

Spark Alerts FAQs

How do you opt out of receiving Spark Alerts?

If you are no longer interested in receiving our Spark Alerts notifications, please contact our customer service team at [email protected].

How do you opt in to receive Spark Alerts?

During the enrollment process, you can choose to receive messages from our team via SMS or email.

Who is eligible to receive Spark Alerts?

All BKV Energy customers are eligible to receive Spark Alerts.

What are Spark Alerts?

Spark Alerts is BKV Energy’s weather alert and energy saving tip notification system. We deliver timely and relevant notifications to customers when weather may impact their home’s energy usage. At the same, we provide energy saving tips to help reduce the weather’s impact on your electricity bill and the Texas power grid.

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