Top 11 Reasons to Move to Dallas, Texas

Why Move to Dallas, Texas?

Dallas, with its modern skyscrapers juxtaposed against historical landmarks, promises both opportunities and adventures. From economic growth to rich cultural experiences, let’s explore why relocating to Dallas, Texas is always a good idea. 

1. Economic Opportunities

Dallas isn’t just another city in Texas; it’s a significant business epicenter in the US. The city is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, ExxonMobil, and American Airlines. The diverse job market in Dallas spans various sectors, from tech and finance to healthcare and education, ensuring opportunities for a range of professionals.

2. Affordable Living

One of Dallas’s standout features is its affordability. While you get all the amenities and lifestyle perks of living in a bustling urban center, the cost of living in Dallas remains significantly lower than in cities like New York or San Francisco. This affordability extends to housing, utilities, and even dining out.

3. Cultural Diversity

Dallas is not just about work and living spaces; it’s a cultural hotspot. Its history as a crossroads for various migrant groups means you have a mix of art, music, festivals, and a culinary scene that’s a delightful fusion of global flavors with a Texan twist. From the reverberating beats of Deep Ellum’s music festivals to the art installations dotting the Arts District, Dallas’s cultural tapestry is rich and varied. The city also hosts the Texas State Fair every single year – go crazy trying some of the most delicious fried foods that exist. The city’s events calendar is bustling year-round, promising something for every cultural palate.

4. Unique Neighborhoods

The Dallas area is packed with diverse neighborhoods. Historic, modern, grunge, fancy – Dallas has everything. Visit Deep Ellum to catch a jazz show at the Twilite Lounge, grab at a Philly cheesesteak from the classic outdoor patio bar, Truckyard, on Lower Greenville. Head to Uptown to grab Sunday brunch at Bread Winners Cage & Bakery. If you prefer to hop from place to place and explore, the Bishop Arts district is chock full of bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops that are great for perusing and browsing.

5. Warm Weather for Most of the Year

If you like living in the heat, Dallas is the place for you. Warm weather kicks off in March and doesn’t typically subside until November. It feels like a never-ending summer! If you enjoy sitting by the pool with friends and family, you’ll fit right in. Many apartment complexes have pools and there are also several hotels downtown that have nice places to swim. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear your sunscreen.

6. Professional Sports

Whether you’re a football fan or a baseball fanatic, Dallas has exactly what you need and more. Head west to Arlington to catch a Cowboys game in AT&T Stadium or a Rangers game on Globe Life Field. Or stick around in the city to watch a Stars or Mavericks game at the American Airlines Center in the Victory Park neighborhood downtown. If hockey and basketball aren’t your thing, consider driving up to Frisco to cheer on Dallas FC at Toyota Stadium.

And if all of those options still leave you wanting, you can catch a college football game on campus at Southern Methodist University in the Highland Park neighborhood. Head to the Boulevard for tailgating like you’ve never experienced before the game begins.

7. Dallas Museums

In downtown Dallas you will find several world-class museums. If you’re into physical art, buy a ticket to the Nasher Sculpture Center. Check out art from around the planet and from throughout history at the Dallas Museum of Art, then walk a block over to the Crow Museum of Asian Art to celebrate contemporary and ancient art from all across the Asian continent: China, Japan, Thailand, India, Korea, and more.

If history is more interesting than art in your eyes, go on a tour of the Sixth Floor Museum to learn everything there is to know about the JFK assassination. You can also visit the interactive George W. Bush Presidential Library on SMU campus to learn all about US history from 2000-2008.

And art and history both make you snore, there’s one more option to hold your attention: the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. With many permanent exhibits and some that rotate, you can travel back in time to the world of the dinosaurs or launch yourself into the future to imagine the possibilities of space travel.

jfk memorial in dallas texas

8. Culinary Scene

Food is a huge part of the culture in Dallas, Texas. Especially Tex-Mex and BBQ. That’s not all the city has to offer though. You can find anything you like, after all it was named Restaurant City of the Year by Bon Appetit in 2019.

Here are some local favorites for Tex-Mex:

  • La Ventana
  • Mi Cocina
  • Meso Maya
  • El Fenix
  • Pepe’s & Mito’s

9. Higher Education

The DFW region hosts multiple high quality universities including: Southern Methodist University in Highland Park, University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, University of Dallas in Irving, and University of North Texas in Denton.

10. Music Venues

Music lovers rejoice! Dallas has music venues all over the city. If you’re looking to catch a huge stadium show, check the concert listings for the Dos Equis Pavilion or Toyota Music Factory. Looking for a smaller, indie show? Head to the Granada Theater on Lower Greenville, Trees in Deep Ellum, or the House of Blues downtown. If you’re into the warehouse scene, catch a concert at the Bomb Factory.

There are also many much smaller shows with local artists performing in restaurants and bars.

11. Get Outdoors

Spending time in nature is beneficial for our health and luckily Dallas can provide ample opportunity to get outside. Dallasites love walking around or kayaking on White Rock Lake, enjoying great views of the architecture downtown in Klyde Warren Park, and meandering through the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

kids playing in fountains during summer in dallas texas at klyde warren park

Tips for Moving to Dallas, Texas

What to Know Before Moving to Dallas

Understand Cost Implications

Dallas, despite its many advantages, does have living costs to consider. Budgeting for your move, housing, and the initial months can help in a smoother transition. Get quotes from multiple moving companies to ensure you receive the utmost value for your money.

Know the Paperwork

From utility transfers to updating your address for postal services and subscriptions, a significant amount of paperwork is involved in moving to the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. Make a checklist of all services and subscriptions that need your new Dallas address. Also, if you’re moving from out of state, remember to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Engage Locals

Before you relocate to Dallas, Texas, consider joining Dallas community groups or forums online. Engaging with locals can provide insights you might not find in guides or articles. From the best local eateries to traffic tips, this firsthand knowledge can be invaluable.

Location is Key

If you’re moving to Dallas but wondering “where should I live?” know that location is key. Dallas is vast, and its neighborhoods each offer a unique living experience. Uptown is perfect for those who love a trendy, walkable environment. 

Deep Ellum, known for its arts and entertainment scene, is ideal for creatives. Highland Park, on the other hand, is more upscale and offers a suburban feel within city limits. 

Taking time to research these neighborhoods can help match your lifestyle with your living environment.

dallas skyline at night

Traffic Considerations

It’s no secret; Dallas has traffic. It’s a sprawling city, and most residents rely on their cars to get around. When choosing a place to live, factor in your daily commute. It might be worth living closer to work or major highways to reduce commute times.

Storm Readiness

While Dallas is not in the “Tornado Alley” per se, it does see its share of tornadoes and thunderstorms. These can sometimes lead to power outages or minor damages. Investing in comprehensive home insurance and an emergency preparedness kit is smart.

Are You Ready to Make Your Move? 

Dallas’s perfect blend of modernity and tradition offers a truly distinctive and unparalleled living experience. The city provides abundant economic opportunities and boasts a vibrant cultural scene that will captivate and enrich your life.

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Immerse yourself in Dallas’s thriving arts, music, and culinary offerings, and you’ll discover a city that leaves a lasting impression. By equipping yourself with everything you need to know to move to Dallas, your transition to this dynamic Texan city can be a truly fulfilling and exhilarating journey.

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