BKV Energy is on the way to Lubbock, Texas!

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Energy Plans Coming Soon!

BKV Energy is excited for the opportunity to offer power-packed electricity plans to residential customers in Lubbock.

We’re dedicated to offering Texans energy with emphasis on three things: simplicity, transparency, and affordability. Unlike many Texas retail energy providers, our plans don’t include monthly base charges or usage requirement/limit fees.

If you choose BKV Energy as your provider, we’re confident you’ll be happy with your decision. But just in case, we automatically enroll you in our 30-Day Power Pilot program at no extra cost. That means if you cancel services within the first 30 days, we will not charge an early termination fee.

Quick Facts About Lubbock Energy Deregulation

  • Shopping window begins on January 5th, 2024 – shop online on our website or give us a call at 855-258-4797
  • If you don’t choose a provider on your own, you will automatically be assigned between February 15-March 1, 2024
  • The official transition from Lubbock Power & Light to your new provider will occur between March 4-April 2, 2024

Learn everything there is to know about deregulation in Lubbock.

Why BKV Energy?

Our energy plans are designed to help you save because we put our customers first. Here’s how we provide the best energy plans in Texas:

  • Affordable kWh Rates: We reduce our profit margins to offer some of the lowest electricity rates and prices in Texas.
  • No Base Charges: Some electricity companies charge $10 per month no matter how much you use. We think that’s nonsense, so our plans do not have these extra fees.
  • No Usage Requirements: Other electricity providers add extra fees to your bill when you use “too much” or “too little” energy. There is no right amount of energy! We’ll never slap on extra usage fees to your bill.
  • 30-Day Power Pilot: We want to make switching providers as simple as possible, that’s why we will not assess an early termination fee if you cancel within the first 30 days of service.
  • Simple Fixed Rates: Many providers will lure you in offering plans with free nights and free weekends. Those sound great upfront, but when you do the math you end up spending more. Time-of-use plans overcompensate for the “free” electricity with elevated rates during the day or the week – when you use the most electricity. The result? Higher bills. None of that at BKV Energy – you can count on us for a simple low rates 24/7.
  • Unlimited Referral Rewards: For every friend you refer to BKV Energy that becomes a customer, you earn $50. They get $50 too! There’s no limit to the rewards – refer as many people as you want.

Save Even More with Premier+ Benefits

When you sign up for the Bluebonnet plan, you get even more benefits packed in with what we’ve already mentioned.

  • Save Now, Pay Later: Feeling some financial strain? With Save Now, Pay Later you can skip your next bill and pay it off over the six months at 0% interest.
  • Contract Consultation: When your electricity plan is up for renewal, we’ll reach out to schedule personalized renewal advice consultations. We’ll help you pick the right plan at the right time to maximize your savings.
  • Spark Alerts: Weather alerts and energy saving tips right at your fingertips to help you reduce your electric bill.
  • Blend & Extend: If market prices drop in the middle of your contract, we’ll give you the opportunity to reduce your rate.
  • ElectroShare Rewards: Our annual customer reward. The longer you’re a customer, the large the piece of the pie you receive.