Energy Ogre vs Power To Choose: Which Site Should You Use?

4 minute read Graham Lumley Last update February 2024

energy ogre vs power to choose

The deregulation of retail electricity across the ERCOT region means that Texas residents have the power to choose electricity providers and switch between energy plans to get the best deal. It also means that Texas electricity prices can be significantly more competitive than elsewhere.

Energy Ogre and Power to Choose have emerged as popular tools to help consumers make the best choice.

In this quick guide, we’ll explore the key differences between Power to Choose vs. Energy Ogre services and determine if either might help you save money.

ComparisonEnergy OgrePower to Choose
Cost to Find Plans$10 per monthFree
Account ManagementYesNo
EffortEnergy Ogre finds plans on your behalfYou must search Power to Choose on your own
Autopay SettingsEnergy Ogre enrolls in autopay on your behalfYou must enroll in autopay on your own

What is Energy Ogre?

Energy Ogre is a concierge subscription service designed to streamline the process of shopping around for the best deal on your electricity bill. As a private company, Energy Ogre is not affiliated with any specific retail electric provider (REP), ensuring unbiased recommendations.

Their monthly service fee for navigating available electricity plans on your behalf is $10. 

How does Energy Ogre work?

After subscribing, you’ll need to provide Energy Ogre with previous electricity bills so their software can analyze your usage patterns. From there, they sort through over 2000 individual electricity plans from over 35 different power companies to establish which can make you the most savings based on your unique consumption habits.

By actively monitoring the retail electricity market for rate changes and emerging cost-effective plans, Energy Ogre offers a hassle-free solution for households with limited time to spend shopping for electricity deals. 

Is Energy Ogre worth it?

It can be in some cases. In addition to making recommendations for personalized plans, the company also negotiates with retail electricity providers on your behalf. This often results in favorable electricity rates with savings that surpass the $10 monthly subscription cost.

However, while financially advantageous in theory, some Energy Ogre reviews mention customer service issues, unnecessarily lengthy contracts, pricing structures that wind up being more expensive in the long run, and costly early termination fees. So, it always pays to double-check the fine print in detail before committing to a new electricity contract. 

What is Power to Choose?

Power to Choose Texas is a free, state-operated electricity shopping platform administered by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

Unlike Energy Ogre, it hosts a publicly accessible website designed to empower all residents with the information they need to make informed decisions about the best electricity plans. In essence, it serves as an official, centralized resource where you can independently explore and compare electricity rates from various providers. 

How does Power to Choose work?

The Power to Choose website lists current REP rates based on various kWh (kilowatt-hours) thresholds based on your estimated electricity needs. You can compare multiple plans side by side, accompanied by information about contract terms, fixed/variable rate conditions, delivery fees, and any other additional charges. 

To ensure transparency, the PUCT requires REPs to document price and plan structures in a standard way using an Electricity Facts Label (EFL) – the energy sector equivalent of a food nutrition label. Provided you have a rough idea of your electricity usage, it’s straightforward to explore electricity rates by zip code to access the best plans in your region.

The user-friendly filters and sorting features allow you to refine your search based on preferences like electricity costs, contract duration, and environmentally conscious plans from renewable energy power companies.

Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose

The variance in operational models between Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose means each service caters to a unique set of preferences. Let’s delve into the key differences across the most essential aspects. 

Public vs private model

Power to Choose is free to use, whereas Energy Ogre costs subscribers a flat rate of $120 per year on top of the price of their new electricity contract.

The average residential monthly electric bill in Texas is $157.26, based on multiplying the average kWh usage of 1,094 by the average price per kWh of $0.1439. For lower-income households and those on a budget, this may make Power to Choose a more favorable option, as using Energy Ogre would add the equivalent of nearly 75% of an additional monthly bill onto their total annual electricity outgoings. 

Comparison services

Energy Ogre considers how much electricity each household uses in order to search for cheaper plans. Conversely, Power to Choose does not account for individual variances in electricity demand. Instead, it estimates costs based on bands of monthly usage such as 500 kWh, 1000 kWh, 2000 kWh, etc. 

For those looking to pinpoint an optimal plan based on specific electricity needs throughout the year, this makes Energy Ogre an appealing solution, as very few households will use precisely the threshold amount each month for 12 consecutive months. 

Account management

Power to Choose is simply an information service, as the PUCT plays no active role in managing accounts with retail electric providers. However, Energy Ogre services often set up autopay facilities and can even automatically switch consumers onto a new contract when rates drop or a better plan becomes available.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. A ‘set-and-forget’ subscription service may benefit those with little desire to self-manage their accounts, while independent comparisons are better for those who prefer to fact-check themselves rather than place blanket trust in a third-party management company.

Customer experience

There is significantly more time and research involved in using Power to Choose vs Energy Ogre. After all, digging through information and options across thousands of plans and considering factors like rates, delivery charges, contract lengths, and termination fees is no small undertaking. 

For this reason, those with busy lifestyles, demanding workloads, and complex family commitments may prefer the convenience of having a third party sift through all the options and compare electricity rates on their behalf. 

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