How to Read an Electricity Facts Label (EFL)

2 minute read Graham Lumley Last update January 2024

electricity facts label

When it comes to shopping for electricity plans in Texas, our number one recommendation is to always, always, always read the Electricity Facts Label before making a decision.

Understanding how to read an Electricity Facts Label is integral to finding and selecting the energy plan that’s right for you.

What Is an EFL?

In Texas, an Electricity Facts Label (EFL) is a standardized document provided by electricity providers to inform consumers about the details of their electricity plans.

These documents are required by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). They are also responsible for standardizing the layout of these documents. EFLs from different companies will look rather similar.

What Is Included in an EFL?

EFLs include information such as the price per kilowatt-hour, contract terms, cancellation fees, renewable energy content, and customer service contact details. The EFL aims to empower consumers with transparent and comparable information, enabling them to make well-informed decisions when choosing an electricity plan in the deregulated energy market of Texas.

  • Energy Charge – price per kWh for electricity
  • Average Price – price per kWh based on 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh usage levels
  • Base Charge – some companies include monthly base charges no matter how much energy you use (BKV Energy does not)
  • Usage Fee – some providers charge you when you use too much or too little electricity (BKV Energy does not)
  • TDU/TDSP Delivery Charges – charges from your local utility company. Electricity providers do not set these charges and take none of the money. It goes straight to your utility company.
  • Contract Term – number of months in your contract
  • Plan Type – tells whether the plan is fixed or variable rate
  • Early Termination Fee – fee that you will pay if you cancel your contract before the end of your contract term (BKV Energy ETF is $20 per remaining month)
  • Percentage of Renewable Content – how much of the electricity is powered by renewable sources (choose between 29% and 100% renewable with BKV Energy)

How to Calculate a Bill from an EFL

Here’s the formula for calculating an energy bill from a Electricity Facts Label:

Energy Bill = kWh Usage x (Energy Rate + TDU Delivery Rate) + TDU Monthly Fee

Click this link to use our custom energy bill calculator. Use it to compare potential bills across competitor EFLs along with your household’s historical monthly kWh usage.

Explore a Real BKV Energy Electricity Facts Label

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