Payment Plans and Waiver Program

At BKV Energy, we believe that everyone deserves a helping hand. We’ve created this program to support customers in need. Under the program, at our discretion, we may waive late payment fees,  provide payment extensions, or deferred payment plans for qualified participants. 

Late Payment Waiver Qualifications

Customers may qualify for financial assistance if they meet any combination of the following conditions: 

Deferred Payment Plans

For customers who meet the requirements, we may provide Deferred Payment Plans (DPP). To qualify for a DPP, customers must meet all of these requirements:

Payment Extensions

If you’re facing a short-term cash-flow issue, a payment extension may provide the help you need. Customers who meet these conditions may qualify for a payment extension:

Payment plans have the following requirements:

If you are on AutoPay, you must contact us at least three business days before your bill is due so we can deactivate your automatic payment.

For questions regarding an outstanding balance or any of our payment plans, please contact BKV Energy’s Customer Care Department at 1 (855) 258-4797 during our regular operating hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8am to 9pm CT and Saturday from 8am to 5pm CT.